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WWII War Stamp Album Greeting Cards

 "Self -Displaying Container for Everyday War Stamp Greeting Cards
Attractively decorated in red, white and blue, this display holds 100 cards and envelopes - 8 designs- 12 each of 4 and 13 each of 4 designs.  Sturdily constructed, occupying a minimum of counter space.  Supplied with easily attached top sign.  1 colorful window streamer and counter card included with each assortment.  Shipped in heavy corrugated carton ready for display."
 Rust Craft Rustler Sept 1942

this 8 x 10 PRESS PHOTO is from 1942 and features two 
WAR STAMP greeting cards and shows the insides of the cards with the 10 cent Novelty "Stamp Out" War Stamp Album. Some cards came with this specially approved "Novelty" War Stamp Album and some cards came with the Official 10 cent War Stamp Album or a small envelope for holding loose War Stamps.
Birthday Greetings  Let's "STAMP" OUT THE DICTATORS!  This Birthday Card is bringing More than a wish or two,  It brings the first installment On a brand new bond for you.  Each added stamp will do its bit  To push "Mussi" off the map.  Sink the prowling submarines and "STAMP" out Hitler and the Jap!"~came with the novelty "Stamp Out" 10 cent Album

during WWII the government issued war bonds to raise money for everything from 
tanks and planes to uniforms and food. The Greeting Card Industry did it's part to support the war effort supporting soldiers, boosting morale, conserving paper, reusing materials, and selling War Stamps.
 These War Stamp greeting cards, were released by fall of 1942.  
These examples are shown from Rust Craft Rustler showing dealers what was available and store display information. The cards were full color, the advertising shown is black and white. Coincidentally, the press photo I picked-up (above)has the same War Stamp cards shown in the Rustler; so, you can see what was printed in newspapers to advertise to the public. 
"Congratulations to the Parents of the  New Patriot... I think I've got a great idea... And, folks, I don't mean maybe.  It's bound to help your Uncle Sam and aid your precious Baby!  Just paste a stamp inside this book Each time your Darling hollers, You'll be surprised to find how soon You've saved a MILLION DOLLARS!"~included the Official 10 cent War Stamp Album
"With this Gift...A Salute to you, Our Country and Victory ...with sincere wishes that we may safeguard Our Country and ourselves by investing in WAR BONDS" ~included the Official 10 cent War Stamp Album
 "Produced to retail at 5 cents each, the cards are vertical French folders, size 4" x 6" .  Reproduced in full color lithography on 70lb. White Vellum offset with envelopes to match.  The Post Office and Treasury Departments have authorized The Greeting Card Industry to publish its own exclusive novelty "Stamp Out" Album which is supplied in three of the new numbers.  Users of this Album can literally "Stamp Out the Axis" with 10 cent War Savings Stamps." Rust Craft 1942
A Bonnie Birthday ... It's no time to be Scotch,says I -  With tat ye'll sure agree,   An' sae ye'll find a BONNIE GIFT Just for yersel' from me.  It's SAVINGS STAMPS I'm sending ye  Wi' wishes by the score... If I wasn't SAVING Stamps mysel' I*'d be sending ye lots more!" ~came with the novelty "Stamp Out" 10 cent Album
"For Your Birthday and Victory ....A Birthday Gift to you from me ...For your "Treasure Chest of Liberty!"  Keep buying Stamps as days  go by To keep Old Glory flying high!" ~ included the Official 10 cent War Stamp Album
HAPPY BIRTHDAY   To Greet You on this Special Day ... With War Savings Stamps for putting away ...A Happy Birthday! And many more..Each one happier ...Than before!" ~ came with miniature envelope for loose war stamps
"A Gift of WAR STAMPS for your Birthday ... Stamp out Hitler, Trap the Jap, Push Mussolini Off the map.  Sink their Subs, Prove we're Champs...Keep on Buying War Savings Stamps!" ~came with the novelty "Stamp Out" album
Happy Birthday To A Young American!  I know that you are saving Stamps, So here are some from me.  With wishes for a Birthday As happy as can be!"
came with miniature envelope for loose war stamps

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sources: Rust Craft Rustlers 1942
original Press Photo

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