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WWII vintage wartime Valentines for Soldiers

 wars have had their share of impact on the greeting card industry. for example WWII affected the flow of greeting cards coming from  Europe providing opportunities for American card makers.  The war also created an environment where family had need to keep in touch~  Populations spread~many families who had lived in the same area for generations were geographically separated and greeting card businesses flourished.  American Greetings reports that Jacob Sapirstein ~AG founder~had "six artists creating red-white-and-blue cards with patriotic rhymes to help families connect the home front with the front line."

here are some beautiful examples  c. 1940s Valentines designed for special soldiers

"To my Soldier Sweetheart on Valentine's Day" Die cut heart with red paper detail ...embossed golden eagle

beautiful colorful pansies printed inside as well ...
To YOU in the Service
patriotic colors...glittery embellishment....

"A Story is told in this Valentine, today....I have held it close and this is the way....  Your words I remember, Your secrets I share,  Your fondness I love, Your heart is in my care.... When I am lonesome, and tired, too...I try to smile, and think of You...MY VALENTINE...."


  1. What a wonderful post and such beautiful vintage cards. Hope you are well and look forward to chatting with you soon.

    All The Best

  2. @ nevertooOld always nice to see you! thanks for your kind comments:)


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