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Charlot Byj Greeting Card Roots

 Charlot Byj was an amazing artist who found her way into 
Franz Goebel's figurine factory by way of her
work in the greeting card industry.

redhead in candy shop ...that dress! those boots! the kitten! the hat! the braids! that face! so sweet♥
As her well told tale goes...... 
1940s art school graduate Charlot Byj ducked
into a greeting card shop to get out of the rain. 
There she admired some greeting cards and noted the name of the publisher whom she later contacted for an interview...she was hired and  began creating charming characters for illustrating greeting cards, .

the candies! the colors!

Her cards featured playful children with exquisite details
There was Shabby O'Hair, his sister Raggy Muffin, and their ample mother, M'Lady O'Hair, to name a few

Still Spooning!
Charlot's blond children tend to portray serene characters

whereas the redheads are known for their mischievousness
(SHOCKING, I know!!! ..... redheaded children.....mischievousness????!!! hahaha)
Been Saving Up........

These wishes for your Birthday!
it's pretty easy to see what why Charlot's work caught the eye of Franz Goebel........ isn't that the guy who made Hummels? Yes, it is! 

in the 1950s Franz Goebel invited Charlot to the W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik factory in Germany. There she worked with  master sculptor Arthur Moeller and 
created her first figurine "Strike" 1957

Over nearly a 30 yr period (1957-1988) Goebel produced 
100+ different figurines from Charlot's artwork. 
Charlot lived until August 7,1983.

Taking Great Pains.....

To wish You a HONEY of a Birthday!
loving the line of honey "pots"

 the W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik company, has it's own long and interesting history. You can read more about them by Dr. Lori HERE

ARS SACRA, Herbert Dubler, Inc.published Charlot's cards.
also Harry Doehla offered boxed sets: "Fine Arts" line

 there's a wealth of Charlot Byj collectibles on available to browse on EBAY
......here's a link to that search    charlotByj on Ebay
each and everyone is totally adorable♥

Sources and more info:
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article focusing on Hummel printing and Ars Sacra history http://www.hummel-art.com/career/pictures.html

Goebel History Woolvey article


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