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we make a life by what we give...

 i love these!
We make a living by what we get;  we make a life by what we give
 made by ABBEY PRESS 
circa 1970s
you're my FRIEND you know all about me and still you like ME!
 ABBEY PRESS is an international company which is operated by the 
  Benedictine monks 
at Saint Meinrad Archabbey 
in Spencer county, Indiana, USA 
where they also have a Seminary and School of Theology 
Don't think of ways to get love...think of ways to give love
 the Saint Meinrad Archabbey was founded in 1854  
the Catholic monks who live there 
devote their lives to work and prayer.
....so, the story goes..... 
the monks purchased a used printing press in 1867 
and ABBEY PRESS was born
Happiness is not something that can be practiced ...It is a feeling, a result of that is born of loving
 Abbey Press is, of course, known for their
beautiful inspirational products
you can visit their gift shop online at this link
these cute hanging message scrolls came with a mailing envelope ~ready to send!

 sources and additional info:


  1. Love Billie, awesome!! Love the cards and your informative posts as always!! Thanks so much for the visits and follows to my blogs and the shoutout on twitter! Miss our conversations and hope to soon. Hopin' you and yours are enjoying a wonderful summer thus far and enjoying the awesomely mild temps! Wishin' you all the Best!! XoXo

  2. @nevertooold xoxo gotta be quick to catch me!! hahahaha what a break on the weather, right?! love the rain pics on your blog! all the best right back atcha'♥


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