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1950s Greeting Card Vintage Home Business Advertisments

These ads, I collected from 1950s magazines...mostly from woman's magazines showing handicrafts to sell at bazaars and such. They show a sample of some of the many companies offering cards to sell from home at the time~start your own home business!!
Boulevard Art Publishers, Chicago Illinois

Creative Card Co. Chicago, Illinois "Creative Cards Turn into Dollars!"
Cardinal Craftsmen, Cincinnati, Ohio  "Show Thrilling, New Gold Luxury Tall Christmas Cards! ..ad shows "Betty Sander, Cardinal Dealer Advisor ..Cardinal was also offering New Gift Wraps By-The-Yard "One Super Roll ...as high as a 5-story building!"

Southern Greetings, N. Hollywood

Southern Greetings, N. Hollywood "Easy Money! Big spare-time Money Maker!"

Western Stationery Co. Topeka Kansas "Genuine Close Out Special!"

Midwest Card Co.
Regal Greeting Card Co. Ferndale Michigan

Boulevard Art Publishers, Chicago Ill.

New England Art Publishers, North Abington Mass.  "Show Friends New Style Christmas and All Occasion Greeting Card Assortments...Folks are Wild About!!

Style Line Greetings, Minneapolis Minn.

Stuart Greetings, Inc.Chicago, Illinois "How do YOU like to say 'Happy Birthday' Best?"...they offered three Birthday verses for you to chose from!

Creative Card Co. Chicago, Illinois  "Let your friends see and FEEL the new idea brilliant plush of our 'Touch-Glow' Christmas Cards and they'll order from you at once!"

Cardinal Craftsmen, Ohio ..What's New in Greeting Cards?? TALL TALL TALL..."show friends Cardinal's big selection of sensational new TALL shape cards~lovelier, superb designs.."

Arrow Greetings Minneapolis Minn.  "Amazing Christmas money maker PARCHMENT CARDS with Name imprinted!"

Midwest Card Company, St. Louis Mo.  ..."Big news for card salespeople! now you can cash in on the huge demand for individual cards for birthdays and other occasions for Sister, Brother, Aunt, Son, Daughter...etc...."
Wallace Brown Inc., New York, NY "Sensational New, First-Time Ideas in Greeting Cards!

Wallace Brown, Inc. New York NY

Colonial Studios, Inc.  "$40 is yours for selling only 50 boxes of our 300 greeting card line...and this can be done in a single day!!"

Puro Greetings, St. Louis Mo. "At Last! Something New and Sensational in Christmas Cards...Superb Satin Velour & Metallic.."

Hedenkamp and Co., Inc. , New York, NY  "Friends, neighbors, others buy on sight. Housewives, clubs, office workers, shut-ins~anyone can make profits to 100%..."

Phillips Card Col. Palo Alto Cal and Newton Mass.  "Imagine~this giant box of cards YOURS FOR ONLY 25 cents!"

Peerless Greetings, Chicago, Illinois "Enjoy pocketfuls of dollars..."

Doehla's Greeting Cards  "The 'New Look' In Cards"

Pen-N-Brush, New York, NY
Sunshine Art Studios Inc.  this ad shows a Good Housekeeping seal  "Yes, $50 can be yours for welling only 50 boxes of our 900 series Christmas Card Line"

another ad for Sunshine Art Studios, Inc., Springfield Mass and Pasadena, California
Mitchell Greetings Co. Detroit, Mich. "Profits for Everyone since '21"
Elliot Greeting Card Co. Elyia, Ohio  "It's Easy! No trick Offers! No Gimmicks!"
Holiday Company, Belford, Virginia ...this company would reward your organization with a 48 Cup Coffee Urn for selling 50 Boxes!!
North Star St. Paul, Minnesota ..."There's Big money in imprinted cards!"
Crestcards, Newark, N.J. "Can you use $75....Send for Samples..."

Chas. C. Schwer Co. Westfield, Mass. "New Unusual Greeting Cards"

 In case all these wonderful ads have you in the mood for buying a card or two for your loved ones ..........come browse Vintage Recycling for a large selection! 

Vintage Recycling Old Stock Greeting Cards 


  1. From vintage recycling i find a lot of valuable information.
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  2. @Mahmood thanks for your kind comment & visiting my blog!

  3. Anonymous9/14/2013

    As a 13 - 15 year old kid back in the late 1940s I sold for Wallace Brown. They supplied an excellent sales kit of samples and catalog. I had a good experience with them.


  4. hi Bob
    thanks for sharing your experience! I now am collecting the vintage sales kits like you referred to. They're great for research and identification, and, let's face it, I just love to look at the pretty cards!
    I'd love to hear more about selling for Wallace Brown. Please email me if you would be willing to answer a few questions! (your comment came up as anonymous through this system and I can't email you) angelfishvintage@hotmail.com kindest regards, jen- vintagerecycling

  5. Very good blog. Very nice. Thank you for making a wonderful blog. Business Cards Chicago

  6. My mom used to work for a company in the
    60 s and 70s personalized Christmas cards the cover of the catalog was always red with a Santa logo in white. I cant remember the name of the company someone help plz!

    1. there were so many! you might try searching through the catalogs on ebay. best of luck!!

  7. I used to sell from a catalog like this when I was a kid in the 70's. Those cards were so fancy and beautiful. My wife always buys Walmart's cards and I am ashamed that we send them, when I retire I will make our own if I can't find this kind of workmanship.


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