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May the year have only good things in it and bring you happiness every minute.....

Remember when you had your WHOLE life recorded in one of these little Date Books?!

Hallmark 1975 "The wistful waifs of artist Betsy Clark appear on greeting cards and numerous other Hallmark products"
These little date books were, and are still, used by greeting card companies to advertise. They are becoming increasingly collectible! Some are collected because of the artist (like the Betsy Clark book above) Cute, right?!

I was lucky enough to find some in a funky vintage up-cycling etsy shop FRENZY FINDS

inside notes 1975s "Dates to Remember" and Anniversary Gift traditions

Norcross Blue Book 1952 given out by Redondo Office Supply

"May the year have only good things in it and bring you happiness every minute" ~the blog title quote.. each month has a little verse and adorable graphics.
I love history and I love "first hand accounts" ... taking a peek into the personal side of history~ some of these little calendars I have collected up have such interesting little tidbits that tell their own story.
for example this 1952 Norcross Blue Book.......(above)
amongst the birthday's noted (most 1890s thru 1940s ; the oldest being 'Mother K' 1868) and the Christmas card list and addresses are her notes about a trip.......
"El Paso at noon went to Mexico to get 2gal liquor ..so we got a room air cooled so we could get another 2gal in eve for xmas presents...had driver and went to bed, slept terrible ........"
I can just picture her rummaging around in her purse for something to keep her memories...

another part notes......."New Orleans by day, ate at Arnauds /good food"  .....Mexico...booze..New Orleans...good food.......sounds like this grandma knew how to road trip! haha

Newton Mfg. Co. Newton, Iowa "Contacting Calendar Customers"
This little orange booklet I found is full of tips for salesmen selling calendars to businesses
funny,  can't find a DATE in the whole thing! It's mid century era. It shows pictures and examples like this Mirror Calendar
"...before I go in a place of business I pick out a good Wall Calendar I think would be right for the prospect.  If he isn't interested in a Wall Calendar then I show him the #47 and point out what a good item it is......"

FINALLY, I made it by my local Hallmark to check out their pretty pretty Valentine section...and sooo many cute gifts... and picked up their 2012 datebook
"Life is a Special Occasion"

everybody loves a Valentine :)

pink...and pink...and more pink!
I have to admit, juggling all that we do in 2012, my eye starts twitching just a teeny tiny bit when I think of giving up my electronic calendar...email reminders...text reminders... 
HOWEVER....there's something special in discovering an old calendar and peeking into somebody's personal account of that year..some become their own special kind of  journals and definitely take on their own character.

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