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Valentine Greetings 1930s Hallmark Rufftex

Valentine Greetings ...I looked around and hunted hard

To find myself a simple card... a person wouldn't mind to send ON VALENTINE'S to greet a friend, But

This one said, "a tender kiss" So I jest hollered, "NUTS TO THIS!" And that one slung a lot of goo. so I sez, "NUTS TO THAT ONE TOO"

There aint no SENSE to such cards.  PHOOEY! I ain't a~wantin' all that HOOEY!" So then the clerk ~ once meek and mild, Says, "Shut yer mouth! You're goin' wild! There's no need for this storm and strife! And dug up THIS and saved my life!!

VALENTINE GREETINGS Just a line to say "Hello" to Someone very nice I know!"

A Hallmark Card; 1935:  Hall Brothers, Inc.

 this is how well my baby girl knows me! For Valentine's Day she found me this beautiful fold out Rufftex Hallmark card from 1935.....it  happens to not only be a fabulous Valentine, but also a "Card about Cards" (which I love to collect...you can see more of those HERE

Hope Cupid brought you much love this Valentines Day! xoxojen



  1. Nice collection of Valentine sms... I am saving it for this Valentine

  2. thank you! I will be posting more!


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