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It's Your Birthday and Mine!

It's Your BIRTHDAY and Mine!  Now Washington and Lincoln Share the month but not the day.  And good old Chris Columbus Has things his own sweet way...  
But YOU and I can really crow As we BOTH celebrate For we're the only " BIG SHOTS" born upon the selfsame dateHAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!

 I love to find a card like this!  This is an example of what I consider a more unusual card.  It has adorable die cut details and colorful graphics inside and out. A ribbon ties thru two punched holes, affixing the pages and adding detail to the front. what is more unusual about it is the occasion being celebrated.. "Selfsame Birthday" this is less common and, therefore, harder to find. Also it has cross~collectible appeal to those who may collect presidential items or more specifically Washington or Lincoln ...as well as calendar collectors, greeting card collectors, and Gibson collectors.


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