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A.M. Davis Quality Cards

A DOUBLE EASTER WISH ... May Easter bless you inwardly ...In answer to my prayer ...And also bless you outwardly ... With lots of things to wear

Albert M. Davis would have been remembered

 for "QUALITY CARDS" even if he didn't print it
 on the backsides of his beautiful greeting cards.
  imho, A.M. Davis cards are among the

 most charming little pieces of art and I love finding them for my collection! 
Here's a lovely Easter bonnet ...But the flowers found upon it ...Aren't so gay ...as the wish a friend encloses ...In the petals of the roses Easter Day
 In his book, The Romance of Greeting Cards, Dudley Chase describes Albert M. Davis as follows:

"Though he started on a shoestring financially, he possessed other assets more important.  He was endowed with an iron constitution, the ability to work hard and like it, a keen sense of what made a good card verse, an uncanny gift in the selection of assistants, and a business judgment which kept him for many years one of the foremost men in the industry."
There's just one thing I'd rather do ...Then send this Easter wish to you ~ And that's to come myself and bring ...the very best of everything ...To make my wish come true
According to E.D. Chase, A.M. Davis company was founded in Boston,
 the story goes as follows:
"Albert M. Davis, who was manager of a wholesale book house which
 also distributed huge quantities of Greeting Cards imported
 from England and Germany.  in 1906 he received a
 card on which was printed (a) sentiment of Charles Dickens. 
 Considering it the kind of greeting the American public needed
and wanted, he searched until he found another similarly appropriate,
 then wrote six more himself.  He published the eight on deluxe post cards
 from the best grade of stock, and priced them to retail at five cents.  
How Correctly he judged the American need!
  This complete line of eight cards attractively printed 
became the following year a forty-card line, with sixteen Christmas,
eight New Year, eight Birthdays and eight miscellaneous. 
 The sales were phenomenal and, foreseeing a bright future in 
American cards, he resigned his position with the book firm, 
he began publishing cards full-time and the
 A.M. Davis Company of Boston was born"

Though Easter Day showers Should spoil all the flowers That bloom on your Easter Day hat... May the colors so run..That a rainbow of fun..Will be formed in your heart for all that
these first four early examples with the little Easter bonnet girls are heavy stock "folders"
although they open, the verse is on the cover and they are blank inside.
they all have golden edge detailing
Chase notes, "two years after the business started...Mr. Davis had added
enveloped plain flat cards and folders tied with ribbon and having decorative designs on the cover.  These were part of the foundation of what is now known as the American Greeting Card"
my last example is a darling "flat"~also heavy stock, with golden edge detailing~
, which expresses exactly my wishes to all of you! 
May every Easter blessing find its way to you on Easter Day
source: Ernest Dudley Chase, the Romance of Greeting Cards, 1956


  1. Love your collection. Superb cards indeed !!

  2. thanks for your kind feedback! I love collecting and learning about the history<3

  3. I have An A M Davis company card. Its a humourous Christmas card with a cartoon of 4 frames entitled A Movie of me Doing My Christmas Shopping. Probably one of the first takes on the you're getting a card instead a present theme. I'm selling on eBay and was just researching this card and found your site. Are you interested in seeing it before I list it?


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