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1940s Hallmark Rufftex

"What kind of a card do you want?"the clerk said, But me, I said nothing and looked straight ahead...
I couldn't come out and just tell her, you see, For she was an absolute stranger to me...... So while she kept staring and standing near by I kept right on waiting without saying why....
Because, well,you see ~~ I had sort of a hunch Before very long she might go out to lunch! .... I looked at the cards that said "Greetings to Mother" and "Father" and "Uncle" and "Sister" and "Brother"
And watched for a chance when the clerk wasn't near And grabbed this one labeled "To Somebody Dear!" ..... "There's no need to wrap it," I said to the clerk~~ So proud and so pleased with my half a day's work....
And now I'm sure hoping that you'll like it, too, FOR IT'S JUST THE CARD THAT I WANTED FOR YOU!
copyright 1946, Hall Brothers, Inc.

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