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1949 American Greetings Valentine Ad

1949 American Greeting Publishers, Inc. 

"American Greeting VALENTINE CARDS
Straight to the heart"
this sweet 1/4 page ad shows a self serve greeting card fixture with drawers on the bottom for extra stock
(notice the mascot/logo has cupid wings for the season)

American Greetings Corporation

started in 1906 as Sapirstein Greeting Card Company 
J. Sapirstein started, like J.C. Hall (Hallmark), "jobbing" cards
1932: moved the family run (including Sapirstein's sons), 
 home-based business to outside facility
 and began printing their own cards
1934: the company incorporated with $18,000 in capital
 1938: company name is changed to American Greetings Publishers.
1944:  company is incorporated as American Greeting Publishers, Inc. 
1952: company goes public as American Greetings Corporation
1958: established Canadian subsidiary, Carlton Cards, Ltd.
1957: Hi Brows- American Greetings answer to the studio card
1960s started using a 'rose' as part of logo
1964: acquired the House of Paper (party goods, gift wrap & ribbon)
1967: Character Licensing-  Holly Hobbie introduced,
 the first in a series of "those Characters from Cleveland"
1970s: Soft Touch- hippie free love line 
1978: subsidiaries formed  Plus Mark, Inc.,  and A.G. Industries, Inc.
1985 acquired Drawing Board greeting cards company

major brands include: American Greetings,Carlton CardsGibson Greetings Inc (acquired in 2000 for $163 millionRecycled Paper Greetings, and Papyrus, and also includes DesignWare party goods, American Greetings and Plus Mark (1978) gift-wrap and boxed cards and Date Works calendars.

Happy Valentine's Day!

sources: The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
American Greetings history

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