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WWII War Bride ♥ 1940s Bridal Shower Cards

Weddings are always a special occasion when couples save greeting cards as cherished mementos. These wonderful little cards ...measuring approx 3"x3 3/4" each..... were given to a WWII war bride at her shower....still, almost 70 yrs later, they are together and give a peek into her story, as well as the era.....
although so tiny, these little cards were made with great attention to detail.......
♥these adorable anamorphic puppies are shown leaving the church...Bride with real lace veil embellishment... specialty paper and die~cut details, made in USA "A Gift for your Bridal Shower .....It's a 'SHOWER' right now,k but never you mind, Every 'DROP' is wished Of the happiest kind!"
♥this cheerful little card, made on lightly patterned specialty paper...... has die-cut and silvery details.....color and silver printing inside as well.... the bow has a lightly patterned plastic film embellishment..... "A Shower Gift for You........... Here's wishing that 'Sunshine' May follow your 'Shower' And this gay little gift Add more joy to the hour......."

♥This sweet blue card with the every popular shower theme...an umbrella and rain:)....was part of the same line, by the same company.... the edge has a charming die-cut detail and the umbrella has a real pink paper doily embellishment...the beautiful colorful printing and silvery details are inside, as well.... "A Bridal Shower Gift.....Along with this gift~But a drop in the shower~ Goes a wish that much joy....Will be yours from this hour...."

♥a very beautiful example.....this little card was made in USA printed on a lightlycheckered specialty paper.... it is french folded and has a die-cut bell with a pretty patterned silver foil embellishment....colorful graphics printed inside and out, on the front .......Bride and Groom atop a gift......"A Wedding Gift With Best Wishes....... Congratulations! Best wishes, too~ For the joy that belongs To folks like you!"

♥...cute!cute!cute!cute!cute!! this little chick was made in USA by Nat'L PTG. Co. Inc. the raised white detailing is inside and out.....the die~cut detail allows the card to have a middle opening.... "A Gift for the Bride.....Just a little Gift For a very charming Bride With the Best of Wishes Safely tucked...inside!"
WarBrides.com you can read War Bride stories, look up passenger lists and much more......

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog thru one of your posts on I Antique Online.....I am in heaven! This is really a wonderful blog! Please come by and say hello! Also, I did a post on IAO and my images show up as attachments instead of photos like your did....did I do something wrong????? Nice to meet you! :) Sandy

  2. yay! aaawwww shucks...thanks Sandy:)
    I sent you a message thru IAO with picture info

    anyone wanting to share their collection...or check out what we're sharing .....please join us on IAntiqueOnline!


  3. Anonymous11/07/2010

    I love the little chickie Gift for the Bride!! Also love your Celebrate the Date banner SO HELPFUL! Your collection is adorable, thank you for sharing! -Tan Geoduck Hunter


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