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Myrtle's shaving! 1940s Dudley Fisher Cartoon

This Really adorable Father's Day card was made by Stanley Greetings 1947
here you can see the old store stock box with the original label......
this card is so cute......even the label says so:)

adorable graphics inside and out.... little girl in her red pjs, holding a shaving mug, "Father" she's all lathered~up and ready for a shave! "HI DAD...IT'S FATHER'S DAY! THIS ONE'S GOT WHISKERS ON IT... BUT HERE'S A BIG WISH FROM~ YOUR LITTLE SHAVER! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!"

this special card features the artwork of cartoonist Dudley Fisher (1890-1951) and the little cutie shaving is Myrtle, a "high-spirited" girl from his well known syndicated cartoon, "Right Around Home"
you can read a wiki entry about his work HERE

King Features Syndicate Inc., established 1915, sold comics to newspapers and published many famous cartoons and supported many artists ....
you can read about their long interesting history HERE

Stanley Greetings Inc. is another great greeting card industry pioneer. 1915.... two brothers, who were originally metal stampers and specialized in metal seals...they began with cards which had metal stamped designs and evolved to publish all types of cards for all types of occasions

this 1947 original card is available for purchase here

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