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yay Dads! June 20th is Father's Day!

The Gibsons have a long, interesting history..as the story goes.....the family immigrated to the USA from Scotland 1850...with a little french lithography press....the father, George and mother settled in St. Louis with their daughters...
while the Gibson brothers, Stephen, 34, Robert, 18, George, 14, and Samuel, 12 found their way to Cincinnati and used that press to start Gibson & Company, Lithographers.

6.20.10 Father's Day!
these nostalgic keepsake greeting cards are for Dad on his special day♥Sweet sentimental messages, great graphics and specialty details........... both are Gibson greeting cards
.....Embossing and golden details .......colorfu
l graphics inside and out... model ship....tools lying about ... it reads, "TO DAD ON FATHER'S DAY" inside....tool graphics~golden detail...the sentiment reads, "WITH ALL THE REAL AFFECTION THAT A CARD COULD EVER BRING TO WISH YOU ALL THAT YOU DESIRE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING" Gibson, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

also a great addition to model collection....tool collection....ships...boat...
available for purchase

another cute Father's Day greeting card by Gibson, featuring a tie, skeleton keys and pocket watch~~ embossing and golden details..... "HI, DAD! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" inside another red tie...... "WORDS DON'T COME EASY 'CAUSE I'M NOT PROLIFIC, BUT, DAD, THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT YOU'RE REALLY TERRIFIC!"

also a great addition to a tie collection....watch /pocket watch collection....keys....mens fashions......
available for purchase

♥find more vintage greeting cards for Dad...and Mom too!~>

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