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Gold Crown found at local thrift shop!

Mom and I went junk'n recently......
junk'n with my mother is not for the faint-at-heart!  Her combined energy and knowledge makes for an EPIC and INFORMATIVE day! Mom has been dealing antiques all my life and pretty much all of hers, too!   We covered 4 counties, hitting 9 of our favorite thrift shops! so FUN!

like all good "JUNK BRATS" it is not uncommon to find me digging through boxes, crawling around in dusty~musty places and rescuing discarded treasures.....

here is one of my FINDS from our day of hunting.........
circa 1980s Hallmark Gold Crown wrapping paper!

The Hallmark Gold Crown is, of course, recognized worldwide and symbolizes the "very best"!
in 1949 Hallmark began using the five-point gold crown
 soooo.... I was inspired to pull some more Hallmark wrapping paper examples from my piles collection :) 

too adorable... what a Birthday cake!  Happy Birthday "A Hallmark Wrapping"...original price 25 ¢
Hallmark used strips of the same printed paper to make their label and wrap around the sheets for packaging
"Brides Lace" 2 sheets 25 ¢
The Hall Brothers essentially fell into "inventing" what we think of as modern day gift wrap.  In the early 1900s solid color tissue papers were used to "dress" packages.  As the story goes..... the Hall Brothers ran out of this gift paper during the busy 1917 Christmas season and resorted to selling sheets of pretty decorative French envelope lining papers, which were well received by their customers and sold out quickly! The Brothers began printing their own sheets of decorative wrapping papers.
Hallmark All Occasion Wrap....packaged in cellophane... original price 35 ¢

Bridal Shower Gift Wrap original price 50 ¢

Shower Gift Wrap original price 50 ¢

Victorian style Birthday Wrap original price  65 ¢

Baby Shower Gift Wrap original price  65  ¢
Baby Gift Wrap original price 90 ¢

source and further information:  Hallmark Early Innovations 1910s-30s

you can find old store stock Hallmark cards listed in my Etsy shop....

check out my Mom's vintage finds, too!!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/nancesnostalgia


  1. I've a new superhero!! Now I know what I wanna do when I grow up and who I wanna be like! HA! Awesome post, love the vintage wrapping papers and your knowledge of such is truly inspiring. How fun to be able to go junk'n with your Mom! Thanks for sharing :o) Have a lovely day!

  2. Thrift store shopping is one of my favorite activities! Hubby & I do it almost every weekend. We aren't antique collectors, but he is very good at recognizing things of value. He seems to know a little about *everything*! Me, I just find clothes and stuff that I like for myself or others.

    Enjoyed seeing the papers.. I gotta tell you, when you said you found a gold crown, I was thinking the kind that goes on a tooth!

  3. thanks for your comments:)

    @nevertooOld hahahha mr. smarty pants!! I TOTALLY rescued that paper!! It was outside in the RAIN!! ....next time I'm wearing my cape hahaha
    re: junk'n wth Mom .....it's the BEST; I'm very blessed♥

    @Honkus Gorgana so fun going junk'n! I find all kinds of practical goodies too! love your new nightgown find (even if ur hubby says it looks like hosp gown!!) looked comfy to me!!
    re: gold crown hahahaaa I didn't think of a tooth!!


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