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as Eve said to Adam...and Adam said to Eve ...Vintage Greeting Cards

 two great cards from different makers and different eras....they do,  however,  share a theme!
As Eve Said to Adam...

"This is no time for APPLESAUCE! So, just HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

"A Gibson Card" circa 1940s ... adorable cake graphic on backside "and many more!"
 As Adam said to Eve.....
There's No Reason to Complain

"As long as you are able to raise a little Cain...Happy Birthday"

"Custom Line...every card wild" original price 25 cents; indicating an earlier Studio card...c. 1950s



  1. Love the post, nice read and your cards are the bestest! Dig your music playlist as well. The Beatles are one of my fave if not my very fave band of all time. Thanks for sharin'. Hope you're having a nice day!

  2. aawww you listened to my ode de post! re: Beatles...I knew I liked something about you! ;)
    always love hearing from U!


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