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14 in 14 ♥fourteen days of Vintage Valentines - DAY ONE: Hallmark Bear

Just pedaling by with a Valentine "Hi!"
This adorable 12 inch tall Valentine Card was made by HALLMARK circa 1950s

it has flaps that fold out on the sides
for it to stand as decoration

the die cut embellishment of RED GLITTERY HEARTS,  
slides into a slit in the basket and reads, 

Hallmark makes approx 1,400 cards designed specifically for Valentines day. 2010 statistics estimate Hallmark Valentines (boxed and individual)- 144 million cards were sent!
The Greeting Card Association estimates 1 BILLION Valentines are given each year!! 
That's a lot of LOVE!
It's estimated about one third of those Valentines are humorous. It's also said that more than fifty percent of those billion cards are purchased the week of the holiday...and the larger and more elaborate cards sales increase as the holiday nears. Teachers top the list of Valentine receivers, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then sweethearts.
**In Celebration of LOvE and the Valentines which express that love is this special blog series:
14 in 14 
♥fourteen days of Vintage Valentines♥
Valentines of  yesteryear
old stock box with crown and script Hallmark graphics

sharing more Vintage Valentines tomorrow!


 http://www.theromantic.com Valentine Trivia
http://www.statisticbrain.com Hallmark Statistics

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