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I hunted "Verra" Hard for a Special Card ...

slide the purse and the bear's head moves back-and-forth
mechanical get well card made by Norcross, french fold, die-cut detail with cute
 greeting cards illustrated
 on the cover, 
as well as, inside. circa 1940s
"The 5 cent type said, 'GET WELL, PLEASE' ~ The 10 cent - 'MAKE IT SNAPPY'  ....So, 15 cents should bring you health And keep you feeling happy"
cleverly using the verse to promote buying higher priced cards...believe me that's no coincidence! The greeting card industry worked(s) hard on promotion at every level. 

and on the backside, an adorable Norcross logo and a special note~
Dear Mary~
On Monday I heard of your accident and today I talked to Joe and Bob at U. of P. Schoolmen's Wk. exhibit.  I'm glad you are home and hope you will have a rapid recuperation!  You will now have the rest you needed after N.Y., etc.
Saw Barney today~streamlined and looking better then I seen him look for a long time.  Bill B, Henry K, J. Far, are among the "Ambassadors of Good Pencils" no exhibits!
No Worries! And they are enjoying it!
Take care of yourself and you'll be  'up and at it' again. Don't eat too much. Best wishes, Helen 

it is, indeed a 15 cent~er!
Do you collect a "theme" or by "subject"? 
Tell us in the comment section!


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