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a Valentine for You, love Marie

A Valentine for You
Received your thank you letter
 and glad you liked the blouse,
I thought you could wear it 
with slacks out in the yard,
 hope it was the right size.
Dad has been feeling much better 
the last week or so,
 maybe the nice weather helps a little. 
 It has been beautiful hasn't it, 
I'll bet you have been working
 a lot in the yard lately. 
 Newt and I spent
 Sunday at the ocean beaches, 
dug clams, and took pictures.
Tell Art hello,  and 
we will be seeing you one of these days.
Love, Marie

"A Forget-Me-Not Card" Cleveland, USA
Forget-Me-Not is an American Greetings brand.

pretty, circa 1950s  Valentine card, features
 embossing, glitter, 
off-set fold with scalloped edge
 and gold printing details; the verse reads,

"This hasn't any cupids,
Sentimental words and such!~
It's just a friendly greeting
'Cause I like you very much!"


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