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1950s Christmas Tags & Seals - Peck Inc. Minn

These precious package decorations were available 1951 from PECK INC.
"package decorations" included 
tags, seals and folders (small cards), and gift enclosure cards
flocked string gift folder
these "Novelty Strung Gift Folders" were 
designed to be gift tags, stand for decoration,
or hang for tree ornaments. 
They measure about 4" and have 
"to and from" on the reverse side.
flocked string gift folder
flocked seals, like these below,
medium flocked seal
 were packaged in cellophane envelopes
medium flocked girl
smalls measure approx 1" to 1 1/2",
 medium 2" to 2 1/2" 
and large seals approx 2 1/2" to 3 1/2"

small red flocked snowman seal

Santa riding candy cane -small, red flocking

small bell seal, red flocking

small red flocked candy cane seal
small poinsettia flocked seal

similar poinsettia and bell designs in Large size -red flocked
medium snowman gummed seal with red & white flocking
medium seals, with red and white flocking details:  came 10 of one design to cellophane envelope.

large versions of candy cane, Santa and snowman designs

"Do Not Open" Seals , red flocked detail
"Novelty Seals" red flocking
This page below shows an assorted
 selection of matching seals, 
you can see the large design
 adjacent to the small design.

all beautifully flocked, these could be ordered with 6 of the small and 2 of the large in one design packaged in cellophane envelope
this wonderful "Deluxe Double Poinsettia Seal" approx. 3 1/2" x 4" has heavy flocking and came in cellophane packages of 4

these novelty gift cards came in five designs each. Designs featured flocking and space to write on the front.  no.650 (on your left) included: Santa figure (shown), candy cane, bell, poinsettia and Santa head.  Design 650A (right) included: Candle (shown), bells, poinsettia, stocking and Santa

flocked GIFT ENCLOSURE CARDS came with envelopes

small GIFT TAGS, flocked with holes for strings
Large GIFT TAGS approx 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", punched with holes for strings which were included, unattached. These were available 8 tags of one design in a cellophane package
DIE CUT GIFT FOLDERS so adorable! with red flocking details, these little cards came with little envelopes in cellophane packs of 6 of one design
insides have graphics & text
sweet die cut NOVELTY STRING TAGS these came 4 Only of 1 Design,Strung in Pairs


1951 advertisement for VELVETY assorted pack "50 Piece Christmas Gift Dressing Assortment"all designs were printed, die cut, and flocked. Retail price 25 cents
1951 ad for "QUALITY" a 65 piece assortment which came packaged in a "reusable plastic gift box" . All designs printed, die cut, and flocked.

Happy gift wrapping!

source:  1951 Peck Incorporated Salesman catalog
 "Flocked Seals -Tags - Folders : Package Decorations All New Designs"


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