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Panda Prints, Inc. -Rosalind Welcher and Fred Slavic

ca. 1950 Welcher
At a time like this...of course not! ....Best Wishes
 Rosalind Welcher 
is one of the great artists credited with starting the STUDIO card genre. 

 "This is Rosalind Welcher, whose unusual designs have sounded a new note in the greeting card.  She does rhymes as well as artwork for her cards."~1953 The Victoria Advocate

Rosalind and her husband, Fred Slavic founded 
PANDA PRINTS, INC. 1946~1977
When Fred, a former merchant marine and machine designer, and Rosalind married, they thought that printing greeting cards was the perfect job for them so they could travel~
she was quoted in 1952 article,
 "We got so busy right away that we still haven't had the chance to travel!" 

The best thing in our situation
 Her off-beat art cards quickly gained a huge cult-like following.
Is we've no need for sublimation! ....Happy Anniversary, Darling

A Spokane Daily Chronicle 1952 article tells 
how Rosalind received fan mail 
"just like movie stars or baseball players" 
it relates that:

 "one of these fans, lets birthdays (other peoples)
 go by so that she can send a Welcher belated birthday card." 
Other fans admitted buying cards for which they loved 
but had no use and now had to find people to send them to! 
 The same article notes that more cards in the "Welcher style" are showing up in the card shops everyday.

Welcher's signature
"BE HAPPY, BE GAY, but AVOID THE CLICHE" ~ Rosalind Welcher 

"Rosalind said that she feels like cupid after reading some of her fan mail, and that she's immensely heartened by the knowledge that so many young lovers can retain their sense of humor" 
Spokane Daily Chronicle 1952 

The Perfect pas de duex!

Panda Prints, Inc. utilized artists besides Rosalind. 
This example of an adorable ballet couple is signed, "Burris"
Me and Yeux

you will notice that not only the illustrations signed by various artists but the logo on the backside of the card differs as well. Cards illustrated by Rosalind will read "designed by Rosalind Welcher" whereas cards illustrated by others read "art director Rosalind Welcher"
art director Rosalind Welcher
designed by Rosalind Welcher


This cute example is covered with colorful toucans inside and out; it is signed "am"
excerpt from 1952 article in the Portsmouth Times:
 A 15 cent greeting card with just the
 right touch of sophisticated humor
 can be more effective then a $5 box of candy.  
Building on this principal Rosalind Welcher, 
who looks like a hockey playing teenager, 
but wields a brush with the sophistication of Dali,
 has a has built a business 
which sells $7,000,000 cards a year, 
plus an impressive volume of note paper and napkins"
1960 Rosalind Welcher
Rosalind's cards are noted for their 
"New York Humor" and whimsical animal characters

1960 Panda Prints Inc. N.Y. Logo
personalized with family name Christmas 1960
One lovely description of Rosalind reports, 
"In person, Rosalind Welcher is not given to the snappy retort. She is a cheerful reserved, dainty woman with pretty china blue eyes and tawny hair.  Her face is an open frank one that's delightful in it's fresh, clear coloring" 
 Rosalind's work  is still available today at this website http://www.rosalindwelcher.com/
by the way...Rosalind did eventually find time to travel. The website selling her Giclee Prints notes that Rosalind is an avid sailor and has raced and sailed around the world:) Many of her illustrations are from her travels. poke around her website and you can read stories related to the illustrations and travels.
The Victoria Advocate 1953
Spokane Daily Chronicle 1952, Aug 19
Portsmouth Times Aug 19, 1952

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