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1957 Rust Craft Greeting Card -September Window Display

Try A Modern, Abstract Window

 the following is an excerpt from Rust Craft Rustler, September 1957,
 "The Magazine for Greeting Card Dealers"

 Following the current trend of sophisticated styling in Greeting Cards,
  Rust Craft's window suggestion for September  
features Rust Craft's 
exiting new FUN 'N' FROLIC cards
 in a smart contemporary setting of abstract design.

Many dealers by experimenting have discovered 
that an uncluttered, simple window display 
draws more attention and
 leaves a more lasting impression on the passerby
 than the window that is too busy.

Limit your display of cards in this type 
of window for a heighted dramatic effect. 
 Heavy black cardboard paper cut in diamond 
against a white background creates 
a striking harlequin design. 
 The cards are tacked on very narrow gold ribbon
 onto black cardboard..
Use the black and white color scheme
 with touches of gold throughout your display.  
Place the window streamer against
 the upper right of your window
 and the window sign in the lower left..
Yes...but terribly effective!

Resist that temptation to embellish it with
 UNDERDO, rather than OVERDO, for a more striking window! 
 Change window displays often. 
By experimenting you discover the type of window 
that attracts the greatest number of people
 in your particular vicinity into your store. 
 But always bear in mind that
 whatever type of window display you use, 
it is a reflection of your store's interior
the quality of your merchandise, and your own good taste.  
And your sales-results depend a good deal on the
 good or bad impression your window display creates.

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