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1943 a Day in a Greeting Card Store

Matlack's Greeting Cards~ Concourse of the 69th St.Terminal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                                               I like the friendly people 
who come calling at our store,
most faces are familiar too,
 for they've been here before.
The Bonnie Brae Gift Shop, Chicago Ill. ~storefront
The morning now, for instance, 
first thing came Mrs. Brown
To get a little "Miss You " card
 for a friend who's out of town.
a peek inside the Bonnie Brae shows their newly installed fixtures
An then in came a stranger, 
and I could quickly see
From the way he looked so flustered,
 he needed help from me~
Catholic Gift Shop Minneapolis, Minnesota ~"Incidentally, many cards are sold from mounts  The special display rack is just at the left of the Star Spangled Banner.  Sales have increased steadily since the move was made and a radio program called 'The Queen's Hour,' intended to enlighten the public regarding Catholicism, is bringing in returns."
"I want a Special  card" he smiled
 "For a Special Girl I know" ~
And I knew he meant his Sweetheart, 
                                           so I pointed to the row.                                                   
Norris Square Gift Shoppe, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
While he was reading verses, 
along came pretty Sue~
"I need a card for Joe, " she said, 
" for Jim and Tommy,too  ...
For Gosh! The way they're fighting, 
it's the least that I can do!"
Jackson Jewelry Store, Rochester, New York (Mr. Jackson is on the right)
The stranger found his Sweetheart card
 but with a sheepish grin
He covered up the title 
when I took the card from him.
a peek inside Jackson Jewelry shows 100% Rust Craft cards and fixtures ~ "Mr. Jackson is a great believer in Modernizing, and keeps his store up to the minute at all times; and we (Rust Craft) certainly are happy to congratulate him on this fine set up" 
Next came some youthful callers 
and among them one small lad
Who had to have a Birthday card
 a "super" One for Dad!
The Open Book Shop ~ Owned by Mrs.J. D. Moulder, Buffalo, New York "the novel display fixtures were created by Mr. Moulder."
The girls troop in and boys come too, 
all feeling sure they'll find
The Special card that says just right, 
the thought they have in mind.
Fireside Gift Shoppe Woburn, Massachusetts ~Photo Post Card Advertising
For little things like greeting cards
 reflect our ways of life
The joys, the cheer, the happiness, 
the sorrows and the strife.
Henry's Gretting Card Store Worcester, Mass. "here you see one side of an excellent display, but we are wondering when it was taken, for it's almost impossible to step into the store at any time when there are not from one to twenty or twenty-five people selecting cards!"
New babies are remembered ,
 and wives come in for praise
When husbands pick out Special cards
 on Anniversary days,
The Carl Co., Schenectady, New York ~ "the fixtures are made of wood to match the wood used in the store... Mr. J. McNamee is the merchandise man for this department, who states that by installing this new display with the overhead lights there has been a very nice increase in business"
For men and women, both alike,
 have kindly thoughtful ways.

McVicker Stationery Co., Gutherie Oklahoma
And as I turn the lock at night, 
the thought comes home to me
How Great a Friend the Greeting Card 
has really come to be!

Poem is reprinted from Rust Craft Rustler December 1943
all the pictures are from my collection of 1943 issues of Rust Craft Rustlers

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