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things 2make your Easter bright and gay!

prepost: yeah, I know...I have not yet lost complete touch with reality.... I do realize Easter was yesterday!!...this E. Bunny just couldn't get her blog posted in time!!! I did, however, have an EPIC egg hunt/water fight with my children and their friends.... 
I hope you all had a blessed holiday, too!

 it really is RIDICULOUS how darn cute they make Easter Cards!!

 Die cut, folds allow for standing...beautiful yellow flocking made by A-Meri-Card

one-sided, like a school Valentine~made by A-Meri-Card

Die cut....Mother Hen and chicks ...made by A-Meri-Card

Die cut..glittery embellishments...adorable artwork made by Rust Craft

Die Cut, artist Bunny with glittery paint detail and glittery painted egg by Rust Craft
 Rust Craft Publishers  paint pallet and brushes logo

Rust Craft Publishers was started back in 1906 by a hobbyist, Fred Winslow Rust who collected picture cards and Louis Prang prints.  He has been credited with starting one of the first "Gift Shops" among many other industry firsts. Reportedly, one month after he opened his shop he printed his first greeting card on heavy stock tan paper and a simple red C on the front with a friendly Christmas and New Year message inside....this was the first "enveloped" card in the industry.....5,000 were printed and sold that year~a huge success......I'm still looking for one to add to my collection!!

Rust Craft Made in USA circa 1950s

Rust Craft Pub. circa 1940s...die cut ..glitter details
 American Greetings Corporation

started in 1906 as Sapirstein Greeting Card Company 
 1938: company name is changed to American Greetings Publishers.
1944:  company is incorporated as American Greeting Publishers, Inc. 
1952: company goes public as American Greetings Corporation
1958: established Canadian subsidiary, Carlton Cards, Ltd.
1978: subsidiaries formed  Plus Mark, Inc.,  and A.G. Industries, Inc.,

 major brands include: American Greetings, Carlton Cards, Gibson Greetings Inc (acquired in 2000 for $163 million) , Recycled Paper Greetings, and Papyrus, and also includes DesignWare party goods, American Greetings and Plus Mark (1978) gift-wrap and boxed cards and Date Works calendars.
Bunny  picking spring tulips..die cut detail, circa 1950s
marked American Greeting Corp...indicates 1952 or after......

made by American Greetings, 1950s, die cut detail with real feather embellishment!

 American Greetings Publishers introduced "forget-me-not" cards  in 1939  
1950s Forget-me-Not card ...die cut and all the little chicks are glitter embellished
Forget-me-Not, circa 1950s
In addition to the chief  Hallmark brand, the company also markets under the brand names Expressions From Hallmark, Ambassador and Connections From Hallmark.
Ambassador...polka dots...Embossing & die cut details, circa 1950s

Ambassador logo 1950s

Ambassador Card, original price 10 cents ~glitter embellished
'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but
have everlasting life.'
John 3: 16

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Source & further info:
The Romance of Greeting Cards, Ernest Dudley Chase
American Greetings History


  1. Your posts are sooo cool, truly enjoyable, and the cards, adorable!! You've an expertise that's unsurpassed! The EPIC egg hunt and water fight sounds soo fun! I'll keep my eye out for that F.W. Rust Christmas card! All The Best!

  2. aaawwww shucks :) thanks doll♥
    re FWR card....between the two of us we should be able to find one right?!?!
    re: egg hunt/water fight ......was sooo funny...all the adults had water guns and we were covertly squirting children....as the kids caught on we would give them a water gun and let them join our "adult team" ......eventually pandemonium!! one must get creative when enticing teenagers to hunt for eggs hahahaha Hope you had a good one!! xo


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