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making your list & checking it twice!

 mid-century metal file box with Christmas litho

 Mailing Christmas cards is, of course, a cherished tradition.
It is estimated over 1.5 BILLION cards are sent annually!  that's A LOT of cards to keep track of!
nowadays, we have the aid of electronics to send us reminders, keep track of address, heck you can even have your cards automatically signed, stamped, and mailed if you like! Most of us still do it at least partially the old fashioned way, pen to paper, tongue to envelope flap:)

many companies, throughout the years,  have offered different aids to record and track greeting card traffic

here's a hard cover "Greeting Card Guide" published 1943 by H J Hailman

it includes sections for birthdays,  anniversaries, and holidays, too

there are pages for charting addresses, as well as when cards are sent and received ...

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