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Hall Brothers & Coutts Canadian Greeting Cards

William E Coutts ......... Hallmark Canada

this sweet old Christmas card, for Wife, is copyright WM. E. Coutts Co. Limited
Toronto, Canada ....die-cut detail w/satin embellishment...circa 1940s


in 1916, William E. Coutts founded the William E. Coutts Company, Limited in Toronto, Canada. It is said he was equipped with only 125 designs and 10 employees. He sold cards across Canada for decades. In 1948 Coutts entered into a gentleman's agreement with Joyce Hall (founder of Hall Brothers (eventually Hallmark....) to purchase partial interest in Coutt's company, Limited then, in 1958, Hall acquired the rest, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc.


these two vintage Christmas cards are examples of some early Coutts, they are a layered paper design which feature Tatton Winter outdoor scenes

both are copyright WM. E. Coutts Co. Limited; Toronto, Canada

This is another early card, also layered paper with a little Westminster Abbey print featured~

copyright WM. E. Coutts Co, Limited; Toronto, Canada

This little cutie has snowy country scene, it's copyright is Hallmark Coutts Canada

adorable and colorful with die~cut detail~ retro Grandpa Canadian made Hallmark card
it has the classic 5 point crown, script "Hallmark" and is marked Coutts Hallmark, Toronto

sweet with little bead embellished bells this Christmas card for Darling is from 1943
copyright is WM. E. Coutts Co, Limited; Toronto, Canada

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