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1940s Mother's Day Rust Craft Cowboy Greeting Card


made by Rust Craft Boston USA

charming curly blond cowboy...complete with cowboy hat, chaps and toy gun ........

"Someone who loves you, Mother, Sends this greeting to you
To tell you that you're very dear,
And, Mother, can you guess who?
Me! Your Great Big Boy! .....signed.....To my Mom Love your son Arnold"

Rust Craft Publishers is another of the great old card companies that was founded by brothers. Fred Winslow Rust opened a one-room bookshop in Kansas City, September 1906. He published his first greeting card just one month later. His brother Donald, joined him in 1907 and by summertime they had published their own line of cards.


  1. Anonymous12/21/2012

    I have a lot of vintage card from the 40 and 50's does anyone but these ?

  2. for sure! Vintage greeting card are an increasingly hot collectible ...as a collection on their own or to add to a special collection for example a 1940s greeting card featuring a necktie for a special addition to a tie collection...
    also creative recyclers are re purposing cards into wonderful arts and crafts and, of course they are wonderful to send just as originally intended!
    Additionally, many wonderful artists worked in the greeting card industry and their work is sought after by their fans.

  3. Such a very nice mother's day greetings! With heartfelt mothers day messages, our moms special day would surely be best enough. Happy Mother's Day to all wonder moms out there!


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