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vintage Holly Hobbie home spun Americana ~American Greeting Cards

vintage HH plaque ~ "Happiness is meant to be shared"
I have always been an avid Holly Hobbie fan....what little girl raised in the 70s wasn't?!
The nostalgic country rag doll in her patchwork dress and blue bonnet....with braids (my sweet mother replaced the braids on mine countless times!) I lugged my beloved Holly Hobbie doll EVERYWHERE...... at three she was lifesized to me!:)

Holly Hobbie.....she is named for her creator.... a housewife and art school graduate, who in the 1960s, sent her sketches to American Greetings in hopes of making some extra money..... what a lucky day for American Greetings!:)

this card for Mother is really adorable...embossing details.... this copyright 1981 Holly Hobbie card shows Holly and her friend quilting, they're having a conversation......"Ever wonder what you want to be when you grow up?"
"sure, doesn't everybody?"
"Know what I wanna be?"
"A ballerina?"
"No. An artist and a teacher and a doctor and a cook and a..."
"Silly! Nobody can be all those things!"
"Mom is."
inside........"Thanks, Mom, for being everything to me."Holly Hobbie's work is known for being nostalgic and sweet~ evoking simpler times....days gone by....early America........ her work started with her sending her sketches into American Greetings and grew into a huge empire. In the 1970s girls would even dress as Holly Hobbie and have contests! My childhood is filled with memories of Holly Hobbie toys, cards, I even had a Holly Hobbie purse which I once left in a restaurant and my father rushed me back to so I could frantically look for it! (yes, I found it:) ).....

here's another pretty example, copyright 1981........ die-cut scalloped edge and embossing details....."A Mother's Special Love"
the back reads, "Holly Hobbie designed by Holly Hobbie .......with every delightful stroke of her brush, Holly Hobbie the artist invites you to enter a world lovingly created from her heart to your heart~ a world which will live forever in every act of kindness shared..."

this sweet Mother's Day card for Sister is copyright 1981 American Greetings, although made the same year, there is no barcode. Embossed details.... "Just for You Sister" ......"Thinking of you and thinking, too, what a wonderful sister you are! Happy Mother's Day"marked American Greetings, Holly HobbieCopyright American Greetings Corp MCMLXXXI
these are some specialty envelopes for Holly Hobbie cards...... as you can see, the white envelope has the American Greetings flower logo embossed ........the pastel pink and green envelopes have embossed flowers, hearts and Holly's trademark "HH" and a pretty scalloped edge.


  1. Adorable Cards! Thanks for the visit to my blog! You have great items you are showing. Keep up the good work!:)


  2. Jen, thanks for the visit the other day! And...for your nice compliment too:) Take care & Have a Great Weekend!!:)

  3. Awww, I loved my Holly Hobbie, too! I had a valentine themed one, with a red flannel dress and those wonderful braids. Great post, I'm glad I found you.

  4. ♥thanks for the sweet comments! I'm so glad you found me too!!:)

  5. I have some of these H.H. Valentines in a box with copyright 1967,68, & 69. Very cute with same graphics but different greetings.

  6. Renise - they sound like adorable early examples! fun!


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