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Vintage Greeting Cards ~ DrEaMy dArLinG DIE-CUT details

Greeting cards surely come in every imaginable shape! And greeting card makers have been endlessly creative with their offerings~and greeting card lovers delight in all the fabulous little details!
When cards are cut into special shapes it is known as "DIE-CUT" this refers to the steel blades ~the " Die"~ that publishers use in the cutting process.
certainly there are zillions (yes! zillions!) of examples of the creative ways card makers have used die-cutting to make their cards. Here are a few examples from my collection>>
these adorable old
Valentines are typical of what you
might imagine when you hear "die-cut"

these two old gift cards are die-cut and printed for 3D effect in the shape of presents♥

♥this pretty Birthday card for Wife shows a die-cut envelope with a special message..."with Love"

the die-cut designs used on this
Easter card and
Pirate Valentine
allow the cards
to stand

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