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80th Birthday

this photo shows three lovely ladies. Apparently, the smiling lady all the way on the right is the Birthday girl! 
 These two photos I have collected 
showing greeting cards displayed. 
 I couldn't find a date noted, but the
type of photo paper indicates the early 1940s.
 I love their display! 
Candles, plants, letters, photos 
and what looks to be a 
dessert pastry in the shape of the #80!
a close look at the card display reveals the occasion

 The other two pretty ladies are probably her daughters, 
they  look like sisters to me!   
I can see one card reads, "Birthday Greetings" 
and another says "80".
 The photos, in the display, are accompanied by letters, 
maybe from loved ones who couldn't visit that day. 
I can only imagine the details,
 but Mother looks pleased with the display! 
 beautiful lace collar!
I love to collect old photos that show the 
creative ways which greeting cards are displayed.  
here are the responses from a recent
 survey about saving and displaying greeting cards.
THANK YOU! to everyone who took time to be included in the survey!!

RESPONSES from a Vintage Recycling survey 

All of the respondents to the survey save greeting cards.
>18% saved ALL (or nearly ALL) the cards they receive.
>55% Saved special cards or cards from special occasions
>27% saved cards in a "random" manner

Cards were reported to be stored in a variety of ways, including:
protective sleeves, organized in binders, bins or boxes,
 stashed in drawers and pinned up on walls. One respondent has them in storage boxes under her bed as well as,  at the foot and head of her bed...thought that was just me!
Several people noted they used special stationary
 or decorative boxes. 
Some keep them around randomly in drawers, on shelves and such.
 One respondent even uses them for bookmarks!

40% displayed their cards. 
0 used a card displaying product, like a card tree.
40% set special cards around the house on holidays or birthdays
10% hang their cards
30% pin them up on bulletin boards 
20% frame cards

antique flat Birthday card with ribbon embellishment 
 AND........ a special nostalgic Happy Birthday shout-out to our friend Mary from
be sure to check out her adorable "Happy Birthday Baby Girl" greeting card post HERE!

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