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1930s texting

1939 VALENTINE GREETING Telegram by Western Union 
Roses are red...Violets are blue...
Sugar is sweet... Via WU WU WU

If you were seven and I was nine,
 I'd say, "Please be my Valentine"

This is sent in your direction with all my love and affection.

There is a wish in every line of this modern Valentine.

Please save my heart from being wrecked.
 Send Cupid's answer to me collect. 

Love may be the last word in some telegrams but it's first in this one.
as shown on the WU TELEGRAM Valentine order form above,
for only 25 cents you could choose one of
 the sweet ready-made messages...
"prepared texts" 
20 cents for "local rate" Valentines. 
 (verses from the order form~ are listed above and below) 
If you could spring for the extra dime then
 35 cents bought you 15 words of your own composition
 ......extra words only 2 1/2 cents each! 

Violets are blue, and I'll be too,
 if you don't say 
"Yes, I love you"

To the sweetest girl in the world, 
hoping that she will be my Valentine.

You're lovely and sweet, a treasure divine. 
 You're all I want for my Valentine.

Give me just a little sign that you will be my Valentine.

I know I'm lucky because you're mine; 
you'll always be my Valentine.

Here's love to my husband who is always 
the dearest of Valentines to me.

Valentine greetings to the finest partner in the world.

To the one who is still my sweetheart after all these years.

A Valentine for little Miss,
and heaps of love with Daddy's kiss.

All the love of all my heart for you today, Sweetheart
Wishing you a happy heart now and always.

"Save Time... Telephone Western Union from house, 
office or coin box" 


Valentine greetings to 
the sweetest person in the world 
on the world's sweetest day.

Every good wish for you,
 each one from my heart.

A hearty greeting from one who gladly remembers you.

Too far to kiss you,
 but this greeting says:
 "I miss you, dear Valentine."
artist: Walter Beach Humphrey ~he also did illustrations,
 including covers,  for Saturday Evening Post, the American, Liberty and more

What are miles to love's communion when Cupid's arrows go Western Union. 
Be my Valentine.

Sign upon the dotted line...Say you'll be my Valentine.

I can't talk; can only s-t-u-t-t-e-r. 
 Valentine Day makes my heart flutter.

Be my Valentine, be my honey. 
 We'll live on love and Daddy's money.

Hens cackle; roosters crow.  
You're my Valentine, don't cha know?
reverse side of order form with space for composing personal message

Say, Big Boy- 
if your heart and mine will entwine-
 how about being your Valentine?

Sorry I can't be with you today
 so I'm sending my love this speedy way.


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