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Mother's Day is Paramount!

created by Paramount USA...fuzzy embellished..die cut...
 yay Moms! Mother's Day in the USA (and MANY other countries) is celebrated on the SECOND SUNDAY in MAY, this year it falls on May 8, 2011
 in the UK MOTHERING SUNDAY is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which was April 3, 2011 and will be March 18th in 2012
There are, however, Mother's Day celebrations around the world throughout the year! HERE  you can find a more complete list.

Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Paramount ~ Paramount Line is one of the earliest greeting card companies in USA

puppy with GLITTERY RED Carnations...die cut detail

1906  Rhode Island, the Markoff brothers Samuel and Charles started their business publishing a small line of art calendars..within a few years they began integrating greeting cards into their products and soon after they discontinued calendars and focused on building the Paramount card empire.

for Grandma...fuzzy embellished, die-cut

Paramount manufactured PREMIER Greeting Cards and Wraps
as well as, supplying CardSmart and Image Craft Inc. (Canadian expansion)

to Nana..fuzzy embellished, die-cut

fuzzy embellishment, kitten with bow, die-cut
 PARAMOUNT has some noted "  firsts"    to their credit
for example the "  making for a special customer"   
WWI era they made a selection of
assorted Christmas cards in boxes 
which sold for fifty cents and one dollar. 
These are thought to be the first BOX ASSORTMENTS
for Mom-Mom ...so cute! "real" synthetic hair embellishment
the fabulous "real" synthetic hair embellishments on these! 
PARAMOUNT was known for their progressive designs
Ernest Dudley Chase, in Rust Craft's book, the Romance of Greeting Cards, 
observed that, "it is generally conceded, also, that the PARAMOUNT LINE
was the first to use SATIN PUFFS or SACHET BAGS on Cards"

from your Granddaughter..."real" synthetic hair detail

so sweet!  little blue bird, die-cut, "real" synthetic hair embellishment

adorable anamorphic Elephant, die cut, fuzzy detail

anamorphic Panda Bear, the black area is fuzzy embellished

gingham dog and cherry soda...his little eyelashes and ears are fuzzy embellished
 Paramount Cards are so adorable and creative!
Unfortunately, they closed their doors about 5 yrs ago :(
2006 the century old company collapsed
you can read the details in Rebecca Ryder Neipris 8/4/2006
article HERE   my favorite comment is near the end of the article:
“The product,” he tells G&DA, “was a quality greeting card and gift wrap product.
It presented true value. That portion of their business was very successful.”
I totally agree!Paramount's cards have beautiful embellishments, die-cut details and beautiful colorful graphics
for Grandma, die-cut fishing grandson

puppy dog is fuzzy embellished, scalloped edge detail

notched edged detail, so cute...little boy banging away...drumming! ....little hound dog...

to my Aunt..blue jeans and bottles of pop

So give your father and mother joy!
      May she who gave you birth be happy!

Proverbs 23:25

 see more MOTHER'S DAY and FATHER'S DAY Cards, too! HERE!

 sources and interesting articles about Paramount:
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