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vintage recycled Angel Seashell Ornaments *handmade *upcycled

forever, I have had a weakness for little pipe cleaner ornaments and decorations of all kinds. made in Japan, dime store kitsch.....and totally charming

this little angel has pipe cleaner arms and little red wings; her red dress is adorned with glass mercury balls and her head is made of spun cotton.
this little angel was the inspiration for these ornaments....
seashells + vintage ephemera= vintage inspired interpretation!

we are spoiled with beach combing treasures here in the beautiful pacific northwest :)

here's an old coffee can with some of our stash.....

a.k.a. ~~angel bodies

I love using natural materials for crafting and I love rescuing all the beautiful vintage scraps........you can't really
go wrong combining the two!
I'm always on the lookout for vintage crafting materials to use in Vintage Recycling projects....
I scored a rare bag of never used spun cotton heads...yay! these are the same little heads used on
the vintage pipe cleaner ornaments ........

hand cut ephemera is used for the wings..... collected from vintage magazines

here are some little angels hanging
around waiting for their glittery heads to dry.........:)

these angels are hanging upside down on chopsticks while drying.....
the incidental text on the back side of their wings is so charming!

added some vintage fishing line .........ready to hang on your tree for the holidays .........or anywhere......anytime!!

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