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MailOmat 1939 Post Office Kiosk

Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Co.

I don't know about you, but I spend
my fair share of time at the
 Post Office Kiosk.
These lovely ladies above are modeling the hottest postal technology circa 1939...
 from Rust Craft Rustler, September 1939

"The 'Mailomat' a coin-operated letter box, made its debut last spring in the lobby of the
 General Post Office in New York City.
Developed by the Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Co.
 of Stamford, Conn.,
 in cooperation with the U.S. Post Office Dept.,
 the machine is a public-use version of the postage meter now used by numerous business firms.

 It is, in fact, a complete automatic post office.
The customer drops a coin in a slot, twists a dial to the postage value he needs and inserts his letter, which is stamped, post-marked and deposited in the U.S.  mail box for collection."
"John Doe...Any Place...Any where..."
"The machine will take up to 60c in coins at a time, and can handle air mail, foreign and special delivery mail.
After the New York Post Office test, sample installations will be made in hotels, filling stations, department stores, etc.  to find out which locations are best suited for the Mailomats, which Pitney-Bowes will eventually start leasing out."


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  1. Wow, wouldn't it be awesome to find one of these machines now? Hi Jenni, I hope you and yours are well. It's been too long and thought I better get my butt over here and say hello!! Hello!! Happy Belated Valentine's Day too!!



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