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recycle old greeting cards into beautiful tags and embellishments

 not exactly a novel idea, however, 
still a fun and easy project!
the thing I like about making tags from 
vintage greeting cards
are the wonderful details, 
such as the embossed textures and colorful illustrations.
it's pretty hard to go wrong~ when you start with a beautiful old card...you will end up with something beautiful!

 of course, tags can be cut by hand, 
but there are so many great punches available,
 it's even quicker and easier 
to punch out a set! 
since all the tags are cut from the same card,
 they're all slightly different, yet
already perfectly
 coordinated for a project,
 such as a scrapbook

I punch the string holes using
 a plain circle hole punch, however you 
can use a little star or heart or..or...
Also, sometimes I will stamp 
"to" and "from" 
on the backsides; it adds a nice
finishing touch.
some tags in this set have shaved felt embellishment 

line up your punch carefully to catch some pretty text ~
top middle: "Wish"  bottom right "Just for You"

this pretty set, from a 1940s card, has wonderful
embossing, reminds me of barkcloth curtains 
I choose to recycle cards that have damage ~ like scrapbook glue
makes me feel better about cutting them up! 
I also, prefer to rip the card along the natural fold lines to make more manageable pieces to work with. 

No matter which shape
 you choose to punch-out,
the results are charming!
for example, these little "flower bees"with their fancy embossing and golden details, 
can be used in art projects
 or added to plain confetti for
a special nostalgic touch.
when you flip the punch over you
can see to line up the design however you like.
the punch designs available 
are seemingly endless...
so, "bee" creative! 

sorry, had to say it haha

And thennnnnn..... JUST when you think you have punched all that is punchable...
grab an even smaller design... 
in this case a swirl... 
and in every case use a regular hole punch 
to gather up as many coordinating dots you can!

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  1. lovely ideas to reuse Christmas Cards...........bookmarking the site to use it later


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