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vintage school Valentines for Teacher

what's more nostalgic on Valentine's Day then those memories of school Valentines?
busily chopping-up paper doilies and fashioning unevenly styled construction paper hearts ......pasting them onto recycled boxes and cans to make our special mailboxes:) acting like we didn't care if we even got any.....knowing we were all required to include every student as per instruction on our class list sheets lol .....ah the simpler days.....
these adorable Valentines were made for those most special somebodies in all classes, whom we all love.....the teachers:)

this adorable die-cut stand-up Valentine shows a little shy little peeking Valentine student and a puppy offering a card to teacher sitting at her desk
"A Valentine to my Teacher .......Sent with Loads of Love" these next three old die-cut Valentine's have a chalkboard theme~
~ the two bunny cards both made in USA, by the same maker
~ the little girl card's die-cut design is fashioned so she will stand when folded

this sweet trapeze Valentine has pretty silvery details
"Act Like You're My Valentine Teacher!"

die-cut darling ....one where the teacher is Queen! ....
and the Knight and Shining Armor has pierced a heart with his sword, "Teacher, Get the 'Point' I'm Your Valentine"these three are early examples of french fold Teacher Valentine Cards
the two with hearts have die-cut, embossing and silver detailing
the poodle card is made by Gibson, "Who likes you lots? Well, you will know... If you just read the name below!"

this sweet old Valentine has a die-cut design which features a flipping heart to reveal the rest of the sentiment......
"I've thought and thought and tried each test...........And still I like my Teacher best!"

the most charming element of all about these little treasures..........the signatures of their little givers....... I can almost taste the cookies and punch now......

I think we can all guess who got Mom's help signing Valentines:)

....(((uuhhmhmm S-h-e-i-l-a and J-a-nn-e-t....!

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